Revenue Management 

Revenue management is about the marketing of capacities in such a way, that revenues and profits will be maximized, whereby relevant price differentiations and market segmentations are used. Or to put it more simply:
When do I sell which room at what price to which distribution partner?

Thus it is possible to control the different levels of willingness to pay with regard to different demand groups and to use these levels in a way which is profitable for the company. Here the revenue management is secured by an RMS system which dynamically adapts the price of alternating capacities.  

Your benefits at a glance

  • Employment of highly specialized personnel with specific core competency
  • Avoidance of „gut decisions“ thanks to a complex yield system
  • The turnover in periods of high demand is optimized on the whole
  • The demand is directed towards the so-called shoulder dates
  • Strong demand forecasting (Forecast)
  • Faster and more specific implementation of marketing strategies up to 365 days in advance

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