Online Cashbook

Current PMS system don‘t offer the possibility to book and manage cash assets. For this reason HOS has developed an Online Cashbook. 

Previously, the cashbooks of every single outlet had to be edited and prepared for the import into the accounting software by the accounting manually. This step is not necessary anymore. The admintool provides an overview of all cash assets at a glance. This allows a better controlling. Excel, Word and paper cashbooks are now things of the past.

In addition, it is possible to make corrections in the cashbooks centrally and to assign different permission levels for various employees. This will ensure that individual booking procedures can be perfectly operated and tracked.


  •  latest cash assets can be called up at any time 
  • complete overview of all locations / outlets (in real time)
  • export function into accounting software
  • transparent accounting processes due to individual user recording
  •  central management with administration tool
  • cost controlling
  • independent of location access
  • paperless cashbook

Service HOS:

  • program can be individually customized
  • your own logo for the cashbook
  • one-time training
  • customizing the interface to the accounting software