The Logbook represents a digital checklist and can be individually applied to every outlet. The checklist consists of all tasks that have to be done during a duty period.
The staff member logs in and checks everything that has been done.

The department manager will be informed by the system if there are any unchecked tasks by the end of a duty period.
Undone tasks will automatically be moved to the next shift or the next day.

This way it can be prevented that tasks will be forgotten.
In case a staff member is new and/ or unfamiliar with the way a certain task has to be done, he /she can refer to the quality handbook, which is linked to the Logbook. By clicking on the task, a document with a detailed description will be open and guide the staff member through the task.

Examples from the Front Office
-    Arrival preparations for the next day
-    Check E-mail inbox
-    Tour

Your advantages at a glance

  • Central administration of user rights (APP- privileges, user rights, user names and passwords)
  • Linked with staff databank, no double data maintenance
  • Central overview
  • Easy operation